Tuesday, 23 July 2013

SkateSlip on

The Celine AW13 Slip on in Tartan print is a lust.....

I never was a real skater girl as such, never rode a skateboard or went to the skatepark, but listened to Greenday, Blink 182 and Sum41 and wore the baggy jeans and arms stacked with plastic beads with a badge filled backpack. Growing up and seeing elements from trends reappear from my youth makes me feel old.

Luxury fashion brands have taken the skater element and are producing versions of the Slip on skate shoe, I would say the original originated from the Vans slip on shoe that can be seen in the famous checkerboard print. That the boys from the skatepark used to wear with bolt jeans and a chain hanging from there pocket to belt loops.

The sportslux trend has been reigning strong for the past few seasons. The masculine sporty element to these shoes with printed,floral and lace patterns available from the high end to the highstreet, makes the comfortable plus fashionable element even more attractive.

Kenzo recently did a collaboration with Vans original and printed there statement leopard print onto their classic van slip ons. These went down a storm and where a sold out item.

Lux on labels - Celine,Christian Louboutin and Jimmy Choo have all done there own version of the slip on. From studs to leopard print. 

Ponyhair van esq slipons- I spotted these beauties 5 months ago in Zara and lusted after them, I was lucky as they went in the sale! They where not quite a sell out here in Dubai as in the UK.

perfect on trend item and so useful with my job and daily heat in Dubai.

 Some style inspiration seen below -

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