Thursday, 20 June 2013

Summer Jelly

 Remember the Jelly, not the food type but the shoe. I begged for the high heel jelly shoe version at the age of 10! I was not allowed to wear the heeled version but was only allowed a more flat geekier version of the jelly shoe. I was always jealous of the girls on mufti day that had the heels and i did not. Well fast forward to spring/summer 2013 and its back all over again, those who where once children in the nineties, are now adults revisiting there childhood fashion days.

Azealia Banks in Moschino Cheap and Chic dress and heeled ju ju jelly shoes.

 Hit up JUJU for your nineties flashback available at ASOS,Office etc- 
We have reintroduced our most popular original 1990s JuJu Jellies including everyone's favourite chunky heeled 'Babe'Jelly Shoe, now available in cool candy pastel colours, eye-popping colour blocks,and beautiful metallic and glitter styles.

My fav Ju Ju colours
  My 2013 summer version - Dubai on a party boat!
ASOS own jelly sandal edition

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