Wednesday, 12 June 2013


As the festival season approaches and fashionistas decide what their weekly look is going to entail. I have been searching for the perfect backpack for a long time. A one minute trend piece or an investment which way to go?

The classic embroidered- I picked up along my travels way.... could be from a market in Thailand: Asos-  Floral Weave backpack
The cartoon fun approach, will clash and add kitsch to any outfit- Lazy Oaf - Bad Skin Polka dot Square and Peter Jenson's- Rabbit Ear
The Sporty Edge- Quilted Pieces Milje backpack or the Fred Perry Cotton Backpack

The investment piece:

Il Bisonte Italians finest leather connoisseur finds the perfect answer to keeping belongings safe whilst still looking ultra stylish.
Over time these leather pieces will age with love, three of my favorite classic pieces with a modern twist. Can use for traveling, the office or the festival camp site for many years to come. 

 Apuane 597euros
Campus 825euros 
The Roma backpack comes in at 684 euros / defiantly a long lasting investment piece.


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