Monday, 18 February 2013

The court comes to the streets

 Whether it be the basketball shirt, or bomber jacket, the sportswear trend has been dominating. Dressing up the casuals to bring out that playful mix is defiantly not going anywhere soon. 
(Source:Jazmin meets chanel)

This is my personal favorite trend that has been key for a while.
The Logo blazoned in large captions is a key feature to be onto a winner. 
Dressing up a casual oversized vest top with a structured jacket and chunky necklace seems to be the favorite. Swapping the trainers and trackies for a pair of sleek colourful points and skinny fitted leathers or jeans.

(Source: Stockholm street style)

Think I am Going to have to maybe steal my brothers basket ball shirt he used to wear when he was 13! Remember at the time about over 10 years ago being like I really do not like that airtex low cut oversized thing. Its amazing how one piece of clothing can do a 360 in your mind when it is put into a different perspective and placed under the category "cool again"?!?

  Keeping the trainers for the street too is a role reverse way to dress. The wedge trainer is still not giving up and the Marant is still bringing out new colours and shapes.
This little girl is far too trendy for words, with her quilted chanel,raybans and croc leather looking dress and mini nikes. 

If Cara is not carrying a backpack she will sure to be wearing a cap! Whilst running in between shows, she is the go to girl for adding the quirky sporty accessory to her off duty model attire.
KENZO has risen again for the last two seasons they have been bang on with bringing the sporty element right up to speed.
(Source: Oksana On)
The embroidered blazoned jumpers where gone in a flash off the shelves. They have been spotted on many a street style blog and been on wishlists for months. They have really hit on using there brand name in a clever cool new way bringing back the branded logo sweatshirt.
 Maybe the GAP jumper will be next to make a come back?

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