Sunday, 13 October 2013

Fashion Week Street Style Inspiration

The calm - So all major capital fashion weeks have come to a close. After a blog scan of streetstyle, here are some looks I love for inspirational ways of dressing.

ATTACHED - Texture,embellishment and jewels.

TWISTED CLASSICS- Simple pieces changed with a twist.

FLUFF/QUIRKY ACCESSORIES-  Kitsch and unusual fun bags

 SPORTY - My personal favorite trend still reigning strong.

Monday, 19 August 2013

My Ex Wardrobe - Pop up

For the first time in Dubai - 

Dot your T's will be part of the fantastic event of 
My Ex Wardrobe. 
Bring your purse and shopping bags to grab some one off bargins.
Like the page here:

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

SkateSlip on

The Celine AW13 Slip on in Tartan print is a lust.....

I never was a real skater girl as such, never rode a skateboard or went to the skatepark, but listened to Greenday, Blink 182 and Sum41 and wore the baggy jeans and arms stacked with plastic beads with a badge filled backpack. Growing up and seeing elements from trends reappear from my youth makes me feel old.

Luxury fashion brands have taken the skater element and are producing versions of the Slip on skate shoe, I would say the original originated from the Vans slip on shoe that can be seen in the famous checkerboard print. That the boys from the skatepark used to wear with bolt jeans and a chain hanging from there pocket to belt loops.

The sportslux trend has been reigning strong for the past few seasons. The masculine sporty element to these shoes with printed,floral and lace patterns available from the high end to the highstreet, makes the comfortable plus fashionable element even more attractive.

Kenzo recently did a collaboration with Vans original and printed there statement leopard print onto their classic van slip ons. These went down a storm and where a sold out item.

Lux on labels - Celine,Christian Louboutin and Jimmy Choo have all done there own version of the slip on. From studs to leopard print. 

Ponyhair van esq slipons- I spotted these beauties 5 months ago in Zara and lusted after them, I was lucky as they went in the sale! They where not quite a sell out here in Dubai as in the UK.

perfect on trend item and so useful with my job and daily heat in Dubai.

 Some style inspiration seen below -

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Summer Jelly

 Remember the Jelly, not the food type but the shoe. I begged for the high heel jelly shoe version at the age of 10! I was not allowed to wear the heeled version but was only allowed a more flat geekier version of the jelly shoe. I was always jealous of the girls on mufti day that had the heels and i did not. Well fast forward to spring/summer 2013 and its back all over again, those who where once children in the nineties, are now adults revisiting there childhood fashion days.

Azealia Banks in Moschino Cheap and Chic dress and heeled ju ju jelly shoes.

 Hit up JUJU for your nineties flashback available at ASOS,Office etc- 
We have reintroduced our most popular original 1990s JuJu Jellies including everyone's favourite chunky heeled 'Babe'Jelly Shoe, now available in cool candy pastel colours, eye-popping colour blocks,and beautiful metallic and glitter styles.

My fav Ju Ju colours
  My 2013 summer version - Dubai on a party boat!
ASOS own jelly sandal edition

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Tail spiration

My Collage of tail inspiration - image source tommy ton and jack and jill

To Love it or Hate it- I have a love for fur, the tail bag charm has been visible on the streets for a few seasons now and it does not seem to be going anywhere. In tail shapes,colour, pom pom and cube shapes seen on the fendi bag above left. I made my very own which I picked up on a trip in Portobello in 2011. From a source I then managed to buy and recycle some other tails and make them into bag charms for sale.

Taken from DylanLex instagram statement necklace extraordinaire
My first Dot your T's sale in Dubai - White tipped tail bag charm

 Streetstyle girl tail bag charm

Tails for SALE: 
The Bag Charm Tails I have made - Love the white one

Wednesday, 12 June 2013


As the festival season approaches and fashionistas decide what their weekly look is going to entail. I have been searching for the perfect backpack for a long time. A one minute trend piece or an investment which way to go?

The classic embroidered- I picked up along my travels way.... could be from a market in Thailand: Asos-  Floral Weave backpack
The cartoon fun approach, will clash and add kitsch to any outfit- Lazy Oaf - Bad Skin Polka dot Square and Peter Jenson's- Rabbit Ear
The Sporty Edge- Quilted Pieces Milje backpack or the Fred Perry Cotton Backpack

The investment piece:

Il Bisonte Italians finest leather connoisseur finds the perfect answer to keeping belongings safe whilst still looking ultra stylish.
Over time these leather pieces will age with love, three of my favorite classic pieces with a modern twist. Can use for traveling, the office or the festival camp site for many years to come. 

 Apuane 597euros
Campus 825euros 
The Roma backpack comes in at 684 euros / defiantly a long lasting investment piece.