Wednesday, 24 October 2012

MOVING - Desert Lifestyle

There has been a serious lack of posts on my behalf. As I have recently moved across the borders to the sunny scape of the desert of Dubai! I got offered a day job that I could not turn down. 
So I will be picking up the Dot your T's again,with a brighter sunnier side to it. 
To brighten up the desert landscape, I will be having the pom poms rolling around in the sand....... 
I carefully picked some materials and packed them tightly into my suitcase. As I could not bring myself to not ever make anything ever again.
Plus the material shops are really good out here, I need to make a plan to visit the area soon.

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If you do not like shopping do not come to Dubai, the vast malls they have here are landmark to the city centre. The Zara buy out here is exceptional good. Almost like they picked out all the expensive pieces and bought them here. Lusting over these embellished brogues! AW12 
Jefferey Campbell selection available in WESTLA Boutique

One lunch time I did have to have the english favourite of fish and chips. To make me feel not so far away from home.
One of oldest family friends lives here too. So I have a partner in crime for nights out,as she is a Pr machine and knows everything that is going on. Check out her blog
 A couple of weeks ago I went to the festival out here called Sandance which they hold every month on the Palm at the beach here. Was an amazing night, saw The Fray and Dizee Rascal and others. So looking forward to the year ahead for the beginning of every month. 
It is like a mini Uk summer festival every month. They get all the top acts and DJs out here too.
I am going to try an do a post every week, to document the life I am now living here.
 A culture shock and new adventures. 
Of course I want to develop Dot your T's and see if they will except it in the market here. Plus getting things made up here is a lot easier and cheaper as there are roads of tailors looking for work,they might be a little baffled by the pom pom concept though.


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