Friday, 15 June 2012

Dot your T's @ LEEFEST 2012!

          LEEFEST 2012!!!!!!! 

Since its ad hoc creation, LeeFest has continued to grow and improve at an almost exponential rate. Mostly this has happened by naturally, but for the parts we play as organisers we try our best to stick to a few principles that we believe make the festival what it is.

The reason LeeFest ever happened in the first place was because of the desire to have fun. So the main aim of every year is for everyone involved to have amazing fun throughout the entire process, from the organisers to the audience.

Organic vs. Bigger and better.

We want the festival to grow organically. However, as organisers we don’t just sit back and wait. We believe in using our energy and enthusiasm to improve the festival every year, making it bigger and better in every way that we can – but making sure we do it at a rate, and in a way that is right for the event.


Keeping the festival non-profit is a safeguard to protect everything that the festival stands for. Ensuring that any profits are split between charity and being put back into the event means it can never fall prey to the natural greed of man. The audience get an event that is entirely worth the ticket price and everybody coming together to support a good cause creates an amazing atmosphere!

(Festival overview taken from the Leefest official


I will be having my very own little tent selling my pom pom wares and jewellery and making area!

From the front of my tent I will be holding a pom pom make and takeaway workshop! Where I will teach you how to make your own pom pom!
So when you want to take time out from your dancing shoes, chill on the picnic blanket and learn a craft with your friends.

 For all your festival fashion, including studded t-shirts, jumpers,shoes and bumbags!
Feather earrings,Skullery jewellery and semi precious jewellery!

Monday, 4 June 2012

The Make Escape Night Craftanza!

Last Tuesday I took part in the 1st Make Escape at the Hackney Attic.
 New studded shoes available in different sizes all hand studded £25
 printed silk top and pom pom necklace

 As part of the night I was running a Pom pom make and takeaway workshop on my stall, I was teaching the visitors of the night how to make a simple pom pom to make on the night and take it away at the end of the night.

Pom pom brooches
 Some of the girls making on the night.

hard at work

 Rosie Martin was one of the hosts of the night,talking about her book 'DIY Couture' create your own fashion collection.

Also 'I can make shoes' were holding a design your own shoe workshop to win a place at there workshops to learn how to make your own ballet shoes for beginners in there Hackney studio.

 Dot your T's pink agate adjustable chain cord necklace.