Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The platform pump

So I have resorted to having a little addiction for the platform pump!
I still have the Isabel marant wedge in my lust for life product listing. Currently the platform is a little more affordable.
With h&m, topshop and Asos doing there own replica styles for under £20.
Added bonus you get an extra 2inches of height.

My h&m platform black trainers £12.99

LOVE these customised jewelled converse style trainers
Asos platform trainers £25 

 Dotty about this polka dot tracksuit perfect with a platform and a GOLD chain!

 The velour effect platform Asos £25 www.asos.com
Replicating the 90s Buffalo Spice girl phase
 Even the boys are getting in with the action with these Vans platform high tops.

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