Wednesday, 14 March 2012


 This season its all about adding that flash of colour to an outfit by using a neon accent as a highlight. If its a fluro belt through your denim belt loops or a howlite pink skull hanging through your ear.You are a step in the right direction. I love colour and I think it makes you feel happier on the outside when you can comfortably confident to wear it. 
LOVE these jelly belly candles they smell amazing in the sweet jars, not sure what the bubble gum will smell like once burnt, wafting through your bedroom. Maybe the smell will remiNd me of Britney, on my cd player dancing around my bedroom with pigtails.
(own photograph these can be found on the shelves of Debenhams for £10)
 The flash of neon can come in a number of different forms even in your ponytail, I bought this fluro childlike lollipop of hair elastics from Primark for £1.50!
 I am still craving a fluro pink Cambridge satchel to brighten up those dark winter days.(hint hint)
 mmmm a large holey pink knit!
EAR NEON: A Dot your T's pink chain skull earrings can be bought from my etsy shop in small and large skulls.

 (image source oracle fox blog)

Overload but it works
(Wonderland magazine Dec 2011)

POM POMS- Brighten up any silk white shirt top button. Add to your bag, shoes,
jacket lapel. Buy from my etsy shop I can customise a colour to suit.
(Wonderland shoot Dec 2011)
S/S 2012 Dot your T's skullery chain ear ornaments!

Trend spotting: Love this neon chunky chain wrapped necklace

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