Monday, 16 January 2012


 1st post for 2012!! I can not believe it is the 16th January already! I have only just done a New Year post!
I have been away and still without internet as I have just moved house! Need to get back on the making and pick up my pliers for the 1st time in January!

I spent this new years day on an early morning flight, to Thailand Phuket for a week!

I spent a lovely week in Phuket (view from our apartment) seeing the sights and spending time on the beautiful beaches and visiting the famous markets of Patong several times! I bought some interesting finds! Was hoping to find some beads or fabrics but did not have enough time to trawl through the backstreets to find the treasures!

 So 2011, was the year of  my 1st stint of selling on the festival scene I was selling at The Secret Garden Party and Bestival which was a great experience and learnt alot from that. I was part of the pink tent for The Secret Emporium!
I have a project featured in the The State of Craft book now stocking in book shops published by Circada and shops spotted it today in Oliver Bonus in Clapham.
Had various market stalls across London, ending with the best and successful of all in December the Secret Emporium in Shoreditch. 

So what does 2012 bring.........Goals!
 I desperately want to make a structured collection of a variety of pom pom pieces.
Which will hopefully develop into a stockist in a shop!
I have a new brand logo, which needs to follow up with a new website.
 Continuously need to update my Etsy shop and develop a shop on my blog site to generate some more internet sales!
Hopefully sell at more markets and fingers crossed do some more festivals this summer.
Obviously continuously making which I enjoy the most!

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