Monday, 17 December 2012


 View from my apartment! Pretty spectacular waking up to this on a weekend.
 I have now lived in Dubai for 3 months!! I can not believe it!
 As well as my day job, I have been to some pretty good events since being here. 
One is My Ex wardrobe..
A friend of mine and her sister set up My Ex Wardrobe where you can buy and sell your second hand clothes. Here in Dubai the concept of the vintage shop is still quite sparse or really overpriced. 
So when I went to the first of theses events after moving over,I was so pleased to see something like this in Dubai. 
Their events run monthly and are always filled to the brim with bargins on designer clothing and accessories.It is always a perfect evening to share with your girlfriends, as well as clothing, there are other pop up stalls from local designers and craft makers and sponsoring from local beauty salons that offer free pampering sessions.

The 1st event I bought an Emporio Armani blazer for 200dhs and i thought this was quite a steal for a timeless classic piece.
Below is a shot of me and my bestie Chloe from from one of their events. 

Shot by

Sign up to My Ex Wardrobe for there news and events here:

    To celebrate Grazia's 7th Birthday, Arabic Grazia threw a Gatsby themed party.
 Above is the little Grazia goody bag giveaway at the end of the night.This was held at the Palace downtown, right next to the Burj Khalifia. Everyone was dressed to the nines in feathers,fur and jewels, the bar was turned into a 1920s fashion haven.
The view from the bar of the Burj Khalifia at night time is pretty spectacular to be sipping cocktails whilst watching the night sky filled with the Dubai fountains.

 I am a little late with this post as the Margiela madness was a few weeks ago now,
Missed the people queuing up at the Dubai Mall for 6.30am, for the doors to open so they could purchase any element, of what I would say has to be the cleanest and most replicated collaboration to the design house itself.
So I managed to bag a couple pieces of the collection, that had actually been reduced to a mere snip at 20dhs for the hair lock pendant necklace. Also the classic shape Dolly cardigan at 199dhs

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

MOVING - Desert Lifestyle

There has been a serious lack of posts on my behalf. As I have recently moved across the borders to the sunny scape of the desert of Dubai! I got offered a day job that I could not turn down. 
So I will be picking up the Dot your T's again,with a brighter sunnier side to it. 
To brighten up the desert landscape, I will be having the pom poms rolling around in the sand....... 
I carefully picked some materials and packed them tightly into my suitcase. As I could not bring myself to not ever make anything ever again.
Plus the material shops are really good out here, I need to make a plan to visit the area soon.

Recent views

If you do not like shopping do not come to Dubai, the vast malls they have here are landmark to the city centre. The Zara buy out here is exceptional good. Almost like they picked out all the expensive pieces and bought them here. Lusting over these embellished brogues! AW12 
Jefferey Campbell selection available in WESTLA Boutique

One lunch time I did have to have the english favourite of fish and chips. To make me feel not so far away from home.
One of oldest family friends lives here too. So I have a partner in crime for nights out,as she is a Pr machine and knows everything that is going on. Check out her blog
 A couple of weeks ago I went to the festival out here called Sandance which they hold every month on the Palm at the beach here. Was an amazing night, saw The Fray and Dizee Rascal and others. So looking forward to the year ahead for the beginning of every month. 
It is like a mini Uk summer festival every month. They get all the top acts and DJs out here too.
I am going to try an do a post every week, to document the life I am now living here.
 A culture shock and new adventures. 
Of course I want to develop Dot your T's and see if they will except it in the market here. Plus getting things made up here is a lot easier and cheaper as there are roads of tailors looking for work,they might be a little baffled by the pom pom concept though.

Friday, 20 July 2012

Those B Boots

They might be from about 2 seasons ago! I still love these Balenciaga boots.
They are still being used in shoots and some of the highstreet are still replicating them.
Mary kate spotted in them back in 2011

American girls loving the B boots including Rumi from fashion toast.
I have quite a collection of vivid ankle socks so would love to mix and match the cut out flash seen here.
Topshop replica

Asos replica now in the sale for £34 tempted but not quite the "real thing"

The love still lives on..........

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Dot your T's Leefest stall!

 Dot your T's had a stall at this years Leefest festival that happened on the 29/30 July. Here are a few snaps from the weekend. 

 LOVE this picture a finished pom pom workshop piece used as a hair decoration whilst reading one of my flyers.
Shoppers having a gander

Jewelled customised jumper
 Dot your T's multi pom pom headband dress up 
When I had a spare few minutes I did not get to see much of the music but got to see a little bit of the JAKWOB set! 
Workshop in action fabric and colour mess

Pom pom bag charm
Pom pom anklet

Finished pom poms turned into wearable accessories 

                                                      Girlie group finished final pieces

Even a few guys had a go
Father and daughter making time.

Dot your T's products