Wednesday, 28 December 2011

The Secret Emporium Memories!!

 On Sunday the 17th December the Shoreditch Underground was full of Christmas shoppers, admiring and spending there pennies on Dot your T's products! So I hope the pom poms filled the stockings of many a happy face this Christmas 2011!  
 The most incredible cupcakes! Pipette filled ameretto to squeeze into the middle!
The minie mouse pom pom hairband!! really needs to go to a good home I have been carrying it around for too long but no one is brave enough to wear it for everyday!
This girl looked amaze in it and is perfect with her long hair and blunt fringe!

My bestest friend JJ modelling the pom pom wares!
It was a truely sucessful day all round! Amazing atmosphere and could not have wished for anymore sales if possible.Well done The Secret Emporium girlies!

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