Thursday, 8 December 2011

Its Christmas Time!

 4th Christmas Fair of the season here next weekend! Saturday Of Cabbagges and Kings Abney Hall Stoke Newington!

I do not currently have a Christmas tree in my life but I really want a mini black one from Paperchase.Not the most traditional colour but with some bright pink and metallic baubles would be so pretty.

After being part of the Secret Emporium over the summer, they are holding a one off one day market in the Village Underground in Shoreditch.
I am selling at The Secret Emporium Christmas Market on Sunday 18th!
It is an all day event and goes on until 10pm so just like the festival all over again but in Christmas spirit. Double weekend markets!
They have asked each designer to create a one off decoration for there charity christmas tree auction. So look out for the snowball glitter pom pom decoration!!

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