Saturday, 17 September 2011

The many Multiple Minnies

The Minnie Mouse Triple pom pom headband
Often gets compared to Minnie Mouse
Multiple Minnie Pom poms
Whilst I was at Bestival lots of customers, where trying on the minnie pom pom headband.

The many faces of the minnie mouse pom pom headband.
Available in custom order colours and sized pom poms. Also on my Etsy shop for £35

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Over the BESTIVAL Moon!

Wowww what an epic weekend, The Secret Emporium, pom poms, mad sales,SOLD OUT feather earrings,collapsing clothing rail,glitter girls,SIOBHAN our neighbour,gale winds,hot chocolate,crepe boys,Night Nurse!,3rd wheel,33rd wheel,9am starts,pootopia,crew sink hot water, hog roast roll,Superman surprise,4am,ferries,Southampton,driving,mud,Pendulum,Kelis, a glimpse of Ed Sheran, Wretch 32, singing in the rain,poncho dancing, crew camping,malibu,cider,monkey tails,gandolf the grey,spud northern boys,2hours sleep, TREKKAGE!
Welcome to Bestival!!
Whilst I was sitting in my pink shop tent I missed out on all the amazing acts!
Would love to see Paloma Faith and Bjork in my pom poms!

Pink agate brooch attached to a denim waistcoat
Leather fringe earrings £7.50 or a pair for £12

POM POM stall

Pom pom necklaces
Wrap around bracelet £15 matching her watch
Jersey plaited rope strands wrap it, twist it £6

Pom pom fluroescent necklace £45

Minnie Mouse headband £35

Pom pom multi chain headband

The poms poms got some night time fun!

I got to see one day act "Kelis" on Sunday was lovvinnngg ACAPELA

Amazing fancy dress
Wayyy so still recovering from the Bestival antics!
Can not wait until next year!!!