Saturday, 20 August 2011

Liberty British Open Call

An exciting day! I was never expecting anything to be bought as I am not ready, or at that level for that, they are at the top top of the luxury retail ladder but just to receive any advice and experience would be beneficial.
I started queuing at 10.45am
Queuing outside at the Open Call!
Next step up the four flights of stairs
Wayyy at the top!
I got seen quicker than I thought at 2.45pm by two of the fashion accessories buyers, who where really friendly after seeing the hundreds of designers and still more queuing.They gave me some great advice! Whilst trying on my products,which put a smile on my face and giving me positive feedback I felt it was well worth my while to receive such experienced feedback for only a few hours of queuing!
Not all was lost as the pom pom concept was loved and they wanted me to concentrate on a specific product area to build on as a unique collection and look at clever ways to create a cleaner detail in finishing.
So there is a market for my products!
So the concept is there (the hard part over) but some serious cash investment is needed to create a sleeker look collection which costs money and some research and time is needed. So maybe this time next year the Pom Poms might be bouncing around a retail store soon!!

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