Wednesday, 28 December 2011

The Secret Emporium Memories!!

 On Sunday the 17th December the Shoreditch Underground was full of Christmas shoppers, admiring and spending there pennies on Dot your T's products! So I hope the pom poms filled the stockings of many a happy face this Christmas 2011!  
 The most incredible cupcakes! Pipette filled ameretto to squeeze into the middle!
The minie mouse pom pom hairband!! really needs to go to a good home I have been carrying it around for too long but no one is brave enough to wear it for everyday!
This girl looked amaze in it and is perfect with her long hair and blunt fringe!

My bestest friend JJ modelling the pom pom wares!
It was a truely sucessful day all round! Amazing atmosphere and could not have wished for anymore sales if possible.Well done The Secret Emporium girlies!

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Its Christmas Time!

 4th Christmas Fair of the season here next weekend! Saturday Of Cabbagges and Kings Abney Hall Stoke Newington!

I do not currently have a Christmas tree in my life but I really want a mini black one from Paperchase.Not the most traditional colour but with some bright pink and metallic baubles would be so pretty.

After being part of the Secret Emporium over the summer, they are holding a one off one day market in the Village Underground in Shoreditch.
I am selling at The Secret Emporium Christmas Market on Sunday 18th!
It is an all day event and goes on until 10pm so just like the festival all over again but in Christmas spirit. Double weekend markets!
They have asked each designer to create a one off decoration for there charity christmas tree auction. So look out for the snowball glitter pom pom decoration!!

Thursday, 24 November 2011

1st Christmas Fair of the season!!

POP down to say hi for all the pom pom Christmas presants to fill your stockings with!

Thursday, 10 November 2011

I love a good circle.......

I love a good circle....... for some reason for a very long time I have had a love with the shape of a circle, it has been a running theme of mine and throughout my uni years it was cirttlesss.....hence the start of the pom poms that continue to develop.

Here are inspirational use of circle, images I have been saving on my desktop for a long time! 
(picture sources various shoots)

New brand logo 

 mini mouse ears
I see through circle eyes, Paris in love  and some polka layers
(source tommy ton) 

Pom pom head
 unstructured circles

Monday, 7 November 2011

State of Craft Release!!

 Step by step directions

 My double page spread in the book
 The books are on the shelf! 
Printing 'State of Craft' tote bags 
Pom pom fun! Making hand made feather head dresses!

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Skull Obsession / Day of the Dead

I am having a skull obsession and have made these new skull earrings new for A/W available in different chain colours and skull howlite beads.

Today and tommorrow is the celebration of the Day of the dead which is an appropriate link to my current post and project.

Double chain link skull earrings available in different colours £20 a pair

Skull face plaques £15

paper decorations

love this wrap around bracelet with simple skull detail

(source tommy ton

Talking Skull gallery

I love the use of the bright colours and illustrations used to represent altar decorations.

Tassle skull earrings £20

Skull earrings and printed silk pom pom brooch

Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Currently getting ready for the 1st Christmas event of the season! Selling at the famous Craftacular Bethnal Green York Hall Sunday 27th November 12pm-6pm