Thursday, 27 May 2010

Shock and Soul...!!

On Saturday the 15th May I held my first stall at Shock and Soul in Angel. A large Vintage Warehouse which holds a little market on a Saturday and a Sunday in store. Open to anyone selling anything they like.
Here are a few pictures of some of the products that I was selling, a collection of sporty
t-shirts and jumpers that I have hand embellished with studs and crystals. Priced at £15-20 each.
Gold studded jumpers and t-shirts
I had a successful first day
Fringe neck detail t-shirts

My lovely amazing assistant for the day Laura - Sporting the Nike gold studded shoulder padded t-shirt dress and a plait jersey belt.
The Minnie Mouse Pom pom headband
Coloured glass and suede ball necklaces come in a variety of colours at £10.
My first stall!

Crystal shoulder detail t-shirts and floral pom pom headband

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