Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Florence and the Machine

On Friday the 15th May I went to see Florence and the Machine at the Hammersmith Apollo. It was a long wait to see her in all her magnitude, my friend Laura booked the tickets back in January.

Florence did not disapoint she put on an amazing show and sang all her classics from her album Lungs. She looked fantastic in her oversized floaty beaded kaftan which followed her around the stage as she danced around. A true performer, she asked the audience as she removed her shoes because they were hurting her feet, so now bare footed she put even more florence energy into each song.

Florence a FASHION ICON?!= Yes I do believe she has a distinctive style relevant to her personality. I have seen her twice now the first time was at Bestival and there she was wearing a bottle green and gold all in one with structured shoulders. The key pieces that she wears are over sized drapery dresses and tops and fitted all in one body suits to show off those long legs of hers.

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