Thursday, 27 May 2010

Go on go and Pick your berry

PICKURBERRY is the name behind a glamorous, elegant and unique style. It captures the concept of easy and original online shopping.Handmade prints, artistic work, excellent fabrics and excellent quality, with a personal touch and finish by their designers, all garments and accessories aim at giving you a chance to enhance your style and pursue ultimate class.Fresh, comfortable, colourful, simple yet luxuriously romantic with an abundance of couture. Pieces exhibited at PICKURBERRY are one of a kind, produced once only in the presented size.
Pandesia pom pom necklace- I love this editorial shot of my two products.
I have been working with Angela for a few months now, who has recently just launched the one off exclusive online shopping site. These are some of the products of mine that are being stocked on Pick ur Berry.
Floral Pom pom hairband can be worn a variety of different ways.

Moth green silk dress and Snake bite silk dress both with exagerated curved sleeves.
Reflective piping down both outer sleeves.

Eye bite silk vest top
Rubber Key hole earrings

All products are available for purchase at under my designer profile of "Dot your T's and cross your I's".

Shock and Soul...!!

On Saturday the 15th May I held my first stall at Shock and Soul in Angel. A large Vintage Warehouse which holds a little market on a Saturday and a Sunday in store. Open to anyone selling anything they like.
Here are a few pictures of some of the products that I was selling, a collection of sporty
t-shirts and jumpers that I have hand embellished with studs and crystals. Priced at £15-20 each.
Gold studded jumpers and t-shirts
I had a successful first day
Fringe neck detail t-shirts

My lovely amazing assistant for the day Laura - Sporting the Nike gold studded shoulder padded t-shirt dress and a plait jersey belt.
The Minnie Mouse Pom pom headband
Coloured glass and suede ball necklaces come in a variety of colours at £10.
My first stall!

Crystal shoulder detail t-shirts and floral pom pom headband

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Florence and the Machine

On Friday the 15th May I went to see Florence and the Machine at the Hammersmith Apollo. It was a long wait to see her in all her magnitude, my friend Laura booked the tickets back in January.

Florence did not disapoint she put on an amazing show and sang all her classics from her album Lungs. She looked fantastic in her oversized floaty beaded kaftan which followed her around the stage as she danced around. A true performer, she asked the audience as she removed her shoes because they were hurting her feet, so now bare footed she put even more florence energy into each song.

Florence a FASHION ICON?!= Yes I do believe she has a distinctive style relevant to her personality. I have seen her twice now the first time was at Bestival and there she was wearing a bottle green and gold all in one with structured shoulders. The key pieces that she wears are over sized drapery dresses and tops and fitted all in one body suits to show off those long legs of hers.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Snake Bite Silk

Following on from my Dubai post, I am particularly looking forward to going back again, to go to the fabric shops. Which are situated in a little village called Satwra which is outside of the city centre and a harsh contrast to the bright lights. This is another side of Dubai which I enjoy too, the more traditional natural culture of the local people. There is a strip of fabric shops which is my favorite place to go. They are amazing and have a variety of coloured silks especially printed silks, which are my precious find.
The multi coloured pink silk is one of my favourites which I turned into my Snake Bite Silk reflected curved sleeve dress. There is reflective piping down the outer shoulder sleeve seams. There is lots of detail in the print and you can find different formed shapes and the acid colour palette just brings the element of summer to the luxurios silk dress. I specifically like the snake which I placed at the bottom of the dress, hence the name.

Eye bite silk vest dress
There is an amazing haberdashry shop too which excites me everytime I get the chance to walk in there, just like aladdins cave, everything you could imagine. Wall to wall with trims and buckets spilling over the floor which makes it hard not to miss something. Last time I was there I picked up a reel of paper net mesh which I trimmed the edge of my sleeves and panels of the front of my grey long sleeved zipped dress. Also some large gold stoned medallions which I turned into necklaces and some real fur (not that they need fur over there) trims in different colours, which I made into elasticated headbands. Perfect to wear over here to keep you warm and look on trend at the same time, for our bitter winters. So hopefully this trip I will be able to hunt out some interesting treasures.

2000 Dirhams... 3 days until Dubai trip

( Atlantis Hotel reminds me of a scene from Disney's Aladdin)

On Sunday I am fortunate enough to be going to Dubai for a week (my boyfriends parents live there). I really love Dubai because you know it is always going to be hot! No really it is like visiting a whole new world, a little like some of the scenes from a Disney movie. Everything is on a large scale you can strain your neck trying to look up into the sky to to see the top of some buildings. It is a beautiful place in a different kind of way, even though everything has been man made it has been designed so precisely down to the very last detail. Making the architecture of the city a key feature.

I found a Burka Barbie

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Recent press
So Tunbridge Wells magazine

The 1st Pom poms

My 1st Pom pom accessories. The large football pom pom often mistaken for a large bag.... ?! Pom pom filled backpack.. SOLD to Queen Marie of Kingdom of Style

Shipping rope necklace with attached pom poms

Pom pom topped balaclavas..... not so scary on a dark night?!

My best friend Jason of Mui 22, has adopted my peak cap balaclava, to keep his little head warm in the winter.

Also he used the hole balaclava as part of his costume for graduate fashion week, can be used as a good disguise and cover up for when you are ill!

Jason and the infamous Susie Bubble of

"Dot your T's and cross your I's" Collection

Welcome to my world of 
"Dot your T's and cross your I's"

This is my 1st post, for the start of Dot your T's blogspot. Dot your t's started in 2009! I am creating products from ideas and developments from my original collection.

So yes I have joined the blogging world, but this is not a blog about "all things fashionny..." but a way of expressing what is inspirational to me, to show what I am currently making. Please have a look at what I am doing, leave a comment good or bad any feedback is welcome.